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Fuel Tank Rental and Supply Company Further Mobilizes Solutions with Thunder Creek Fuel and Service Trailers

March 2024


Integrity, reliability, teamwork, and positive attitude: those are the core values that On-Demand Rentals stands by. And with service offered in all 50 states, Canada, and parts of the Caribbean, the company knows how important efficiency and dependability are for its customers. This leading provider of fuel tanks and fueling systems has been in business since 2016 and prides itself on offering the best rental solutions — right when they are needed — backed by excellent customer service.

“We differentiate ourselves by providing fast service, even as soon as the next day,” said Brandon Truan, fleet and operations manager at On-Demand Rentals. “Renting our fuel tanks and systems is a cost-effective alternative for our customers. They don’t have to make capital expenditures or worry about maintenance. We take care of everything.”

The company started renting generators for temporary power generation projects and saw a real need for bulk fuel tanks to improve the efficiency on these sites. With no providers near its Waterford, Michigan location, On-Demand Rentals took the opportunity to expand its business, starting with large fuel tanks. Today, it offers not only fuel tank and fuel system rentals, but also aviation tank rentals and DEF solutions, and has expanded the markets it works with, including construction.

“As we got into the construction world, there were requests for small tanks on jobsites. Contractors will use forklifts to move these small tanks around after filling them up at large tanks used as bulk fueling points,” explained Truan. “It’s time-consuming considering some of job sites might be 20 minutes across and they could spend up to two hours filling up equipment.”

Looking for a solution to simplify fueling for those sites and customers feeding off of larger bulk tanks with smaller mobile tanks, On-Demand Rentals found Thunder Creek. The company invested in No HAZMAT Fuel and Service Trailers (MTT). They also added Thunder Creek’s Fuel & Service trailers for sites where the trailer-based tanks would never leave the jobsite and HAZMAT/CDL considerations were not a concern.

“We’re excited that we’ve added mobile fuelers to support our construction customers. And there are other different industries that we work with who can benefit, too,” Truan said.

The MTT advantage

In the new setup made possible by the Thunder Creek trailers, On Demand typically rents a large central fuel tank capable of holding thousands of gallons of diesel. In the past, they provided smaller tanks that had to be moved around by equipment to then go and fuel each individual generator or machine. Now, they offer the Thunder Creek trailers that allow their customers to more quickly and efficiently deploy diesel around their sites (while freeing up that equipment to do more productive work). On other sites where operators would drive or track equipment to the bulk fuel source, the diesel can now be brought to the machine more effectively, helping to keep that machine working on productive efforts instead of driving around a site.

The Thunder Creek MTTs allow drivers to legally transport bulk diesel without holding a HAZMAT endorsement or in most scenarios, a commercial driver’s license (CDL). They feature individual 115-gallon tanks connected by a common manifold to an industrial-grade pumping system, so anyone with a safe driving record can tow them.

“We know that in today's day and age, it's hard to find employees, let alone specialized employees with CDL and hazmat endorsement,” said Truan. “Being able to work around that provides a lot of advantages for our customers.”

The MTT920 models that On-Demand Rentals chose have eight 115-gallon tanks for a total capacity of 920 gallons of diesel fuel. Thunder Creek offers options on the MTT for grease, workbenches, and other tools such as welders, generators, and air compressors. The trailers can also be equipped with a fully enclosed 2-in-1 diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) delivery system (proprietary to Thunder Creek), which simplifies distribution of DEF and reduces the risk of contamination — a feature that Truan appreciates.

“With the Thunder Creek not only can you move diesel around, but you can also move DEF all in the same trailer, which is less trips for our customers,” he said. “Plus, everything is very user-friendly on the tank, and it's built to be in extreme environments. That’s a plus for our customers.

“If our customers can put a bulk tank on the site, they can save tremendous amounts of money up front by buying fuel in bulk,” Truan explained. “And then they can control their own fueling by using the Thunder Creek trailers to fill up and then use their own drivers, which are a lot more cost effective. It lets our customers take fueling into their own hands.”

More importantly, the MTTs offer On-Demand Rentals’ customers a safe alternative to fuel their equipment, since everything is accessible from the ground.

“I really like the safety aspect since our customers don't have to climb on top of anything to fill the tank or to draw from the tank. It's all done from the ground and they don’t have to be tied off. That’s a huge benefit,” said Truan.

Adding to that, the MTTs allow the customers to refill their equipment during the day on their own schedule, as opposed to relying on a fuel provider that works on their own schedule.

“Not only is it a huge cost to wet hose, but it's also a safety risk because these fuel drivers are climbing around our customers’ equipment at nighttime,” Truan explained. “If they slip and fall, there's nobody else on the site to help. If our customers can refuel during the day or first thing in the morning when there are others around, it's a lot safer.”

For jobsites where the mobile tanks never actually leave the confines of the site, On Demand has invested in single-tank, 990-gallon FST trailers from Thunder Creek.

“We like the larger capacity of the 990-gallon tank for our customers. They’re used to and prefer larger fuel tanks to simplify fueling, so it serves them well.”

Living up to On-Demand values
By offering fueling solutions they can trust, On-Demand Rentals has built lasting relationships with its customers. According to Truan, no job is too large or too small. 

“We want to be our customers’ first call so we can help them, whether it’s a large power project that needs multiple days of supply of fuel out there or whether it’s one tank,” he said. “The aim is to provide exceptional customer service and right solution.”

Adding the Thunder Creek MTTs is just another way On-Demand can help its customers.

“What drove us to add Thunder Creek to our fleet was the quality of the product,” Truan said. “We want to offer a quality product to our customers and Thunder Creek ticks that box.”