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Dickerson Petroleum, Inc. Adds Thunder Creek Fuel & Service Trailers to Product Offering

October 2023

Kosciusko, MS – Dickerson Petroleum, Inc. has added the Thunder Creek Equipment line of fuel and service solutions to its tank equipment rental and sales division. The Mississippi-based company is a world-class leader in holistic fuel sales, marketing and equipment — including serving as a petroleum distributor, oil jobber, convenience store operator, and transportation company. Dickerson provides essential daily services to retail, wholesale, commercial, and industrial customers throughout Mississippi.

Thunder Creek Equipment designs and manufactures innovative, premium diesel fuel and service and preventative maintenance solutions that are used in a variety of industries including construction, roadbuilding, oil and gas, and utility construction. This includes the original, industry-leading, No-HAZMAT Multi-Tank Trailer (MTT), the Multi-Tank Oil Trailer (MTO), and the Service and Lube Trailer (SLT).

“Thunder Creek fuel and service solutions have experienced massive growth throughout the United States with fuel sales and distribution organizations — and Dickerson Petroleum believes in the quality, value and performance of the technology so much that they’ve stepped up to represent Thunder Creek in sales and service,” says Larry Lea, vice president of sales, Thunder Creek Equipment. “Dickerson Petroleum is the authority for everything fuel and lube in the state of Mississippi and are uniquely positioned to show how Thunder Creek solutions can evolve how equipment is fueled and maintained in the field.”

“We see so much opportunity for the Thunder Creek product line, from daily generator fueling and service, to disaster response and general jobsite fueling,” says Rick Dickerson, president, Dickerson Petroleum. “Each trailer and truck is built to a quality standard that we are proud to put in the field, both to service our own customers, and as a resource that they can also deploy in their own fleets. Dickerson and Thunder Creek have the opportunity here to reshape how mobile fueling and service is done.”   

For more information on the full lineup of equipment and services provided by Dickerson Petroleum, visit DickersonPetroleum.com. Back