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Two for the Price of One?

February 2016

"A Service & Lube Trailer comes in at a fraction of the cost of a lube truck, even when you consider the cost of the truck to haul it."

That’s according to Robert Frye of Riggs CAT in Arkansas. He explained the financial value of replacing the lube trucks in their field service fleet with F-350’s and Thunder Creek Service and Lube Trailers in a recent interview.

"It's allowed us to reduce some of our overhead cost that's associated with the larger lube trucks, to allow us to price ourselves more efficiently for the customer," he says. "The big box trucks, typically they have the larger oil tanks on them and you've got to have a CDL, you're limited on hours they can drive and they're quite expensive. It's really difficult to make money running the road in them."

A Service & Lube Trailer usually runs about one-quarter to one-third of the price of a comparably-equipped lube truck. The value extends beyond capital costs as well. It's also less costly to operate, with savings generated through lower maintenance fees, annual fees, and even labor rates – in that the driver does not need to carry a CDL or HAZMAT endorsement.

The versatile platform can be configured for an operation’s exact needs: be it a heavy equipment dealership like Riggs CAT providing PM service across their customer network or an owner performing daily maintenance on off-road machinery.