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New Pump Option Improves Autonomy, Fueling Speed

May 2016

A gas-powered pump is now available as an option on all Multi-Tank Trailers. This provides faster fueling – 30 GPM – within the No HAZMAT model platform. It’s ideal for operations who desire to operate independent from an electric power source.

“This pump is tried and true,” says Luke Van Wyk, Vice President of Sales. “We have utilized it for years on our ADT and FST Series Trailers and it’s been one of our most sought-after options.”

“We are excited it is now available on our Multi-Tank Trailers where it will be most suitable for high demand applications,” he continues. “It delivers higher output at the nozzle and there is no need to rely on a truck connection or solar battery tender to power the standard 12V pump.”

The new option can be installed on all 460-, 690- and 920-gallon Multi-Tank Trailers.