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Multi-Tank Upfit Expanded to RAM Chassis, New Heated DEF System

July 2021


Thunder Creek Equipment, in response to extensive positive feedback on its Multi-Tank Upfit Platform, has re-launched the product on a Dodge RAM chassis, while also adding an optional heated Diesel Exhaust Fluid handling system to meet the needs of customers in colder climates.

The Multi-Tank Upfit (MTU) was originally launched in late 2018 on a Ford F-550 chassis. It combines the technology of Thunder Creek’s innovative Multi-Tank diesel transportation platform, which does not require HAZMAT authorization or, in some cases, even a commercial driver’s license, to operate. The MTU has become the solution of choice for construction companies and fuel distributors operating in metropolitan and urban settings, as well as disaster relief organizations, where having a highly nimble fueling solution is needed for navigating compressed job sites and fuel delivery locations.

“One of the things that we take great pride in as a family-owned company is working with and listening with our customers,” said Loren Van Wyk, the founder and co-owner of Thunder Creek Equipment. “After launching the MTU platform, we not only received great feedback, but also started to see the product really take off in big cities across the country, many of which face harsh winters that can leave DEF susceptible to freezing.

“Adding the heated DEF component is something we’ve leveraged on many other products with great success, so bringing that option to the MTU was a no-brainer.”

The base model of the MTU is equipped to carry 920 gallons of bulk diesel fuel contained in eight, separate 115-gallon fuel tanks that are connected through a common pumping manifold.

The addition of Thunder Creek’s patented 2-in-1 DEF handling pump helps users eliminate the risk of contaminants entering the DEF stream and potentially harming Tier 4 machinery. When the 100-gallon heated DEF unit is added to the MTU, total fuel capacity is 690 gallons.

The all new MTU was launched exclusively at ConExpo 2020.