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More than Diesel

February 2016

Last month, we traveled to the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville where we talked to owners of Thunder Creek trailers and DEF totes. We asked how it was making an impact for their operations.

Every day, we heard from dozens of owners who see a quick payback by making better use of their time during their busiest seasons. They’re no longer making multiple trips or waiting for a slow pump to fill large capacity diesel tanks on high-horsepower machinery.

Like David Schaffer from Chebanse, IL. He has owned two 990 gallon Thunder Creek trailers with DEF systems for five years now. “It’s saving me money because I don’t have my employees standing around waiting for fuel.”

For those running Tier 4 machinery, an added benefit comes from the convenience of handling diesel exhaust fluid in clean, closed systems.

“If you’ve ever hauled DEF out in two and half gallon jugs, you’ll appreciate this,” David said.

We talked to Nathan Andrews from Monroe City, Indiana. They were already running two Thunder Creek trailers when their machinery went to DEF, so they quickly decided to add a third trailer with a DEF delivery system.

“The jugs don’t hold up,” he said. “You end up with a mess in the back of your truck. I know, I did it.”