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Light Up The Night

July 2012


You're up long before the sun. When it sets, the work goes on.

The new WorkSight Light Tower illuminates up to 100' of work area, which makes fixing a piece of equipment or refueling in the dark much easier.

With a flip of a switch, you can raise and lower the tower. If you accidentally leave it up, an indicator light warns you.

The unit is powered by a 55 amp sealed, gel cell battery that is powered by a solar battery charger.

Fully charged, the battery will provide light for up to seven and a half hours. And so you never find yourself left in the dark, there is a LED battery indicator light and 110V outlet for charging in low-light situations.

It's available as an option on new Thunder Creek fuel and service trailers. Already have a trailer? It can be purchased separately and is easy to retrofit onto to prior model year trailers.