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"I Can't Imagine Farming Without This Trailer"

February 2016


One of the most enjoyable parts of traveling with Thunder Creek is meeting the people who have one of our trailers and hearing firsthand how it makes their lives easier. Case in point: Garland Antrim with Antrim Farms in Indiana. I had the pleasure of meeting this lively man at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky earlier this year.

“This trailer is a need, not a want in my opinion,” Garland said. He elaborated that what he likes most about the trailers is the configuration of the pumping systems in the front toolbox and how easy it is to refill with diesel exhaust fluid and fuel simultaneously.

“Safety is also proven with the auto-retracting hose reels on the trailer,” he continued. “They allow me to climb safely while going up and down the ladder. I can’t imagine farming without this trailer.”

Garland also praised the workmanship that goes into every Thunder Creek trailer.

“It’s proven during every trip to the field,” he said. “Fuel baffles and low profile design allow for a smooth ride on and off road. It isn’t good when your trailer is pulling you all over the road or field.”

“When you have multiple machines in the field, a tank in the back of the truck isn’t going to cut it.”

Would he recommend his Thunder Creek trailer to others? Absolutely. “The ADT990UB has revolutionized the way I handle DEF, fuel and service in the field. These trailers are perfect for customers who are looking for reliability, ease, safety and DEF.”