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Closed DEF System Enhanced on FST Trailers

November 2018

Last month, we unveiled the new FST Series fuel, DEF and service trailers. They feature 60+ enhancements for useability, durability and versatility. Several of the upgrades are focused around making it even easier to handle DEF in off-road environments.

Before we look at the improvements to the DEF Delivery System, it’s worth mentioning that we’ve maintained the most crucial features to ensure DEF reaches your machinery contaminant-free.

It’s still made in strict accordance with the ISO 22241 Standard and, with our 2-in-1 DEF Pumping System that maintains a closed fluid path, it remains ISO compliant for life.


The most significant benefit of the new system is that it can be installed on any FST trailer at any time.

This is ideal if you aren’t using DEF today, but will in the future. You can purchase a trailer to meet your fuel and service needs now with the assurance that you can add the DEF option when you need it later.


Bidirectional Pump | A gear driven bidirectional pump allows you to turn the pump on and set the flow to fill or dispense with single switch.

Faster | Filling flows have increased by 150%.

Auto Shut Off | You are no longer tied to the trailer while filling its DEF tank.


Location | The 100 gallon tank is now located inside the front enclosure, recessed into the frame. This makes it possible to field install the system at any time and keeps a low center of gravity of easy towing.

Freeze Protection | The tank is now constructed with 5/16” poly instead of stainless steel to give freeze protection in cold climates. DEF expands when it freezes and the new specialized tank is custom made to allow DEF to safely freeze in the tank.