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All-New Multi-Tank Oil Trailer Allows Contractors to Precisely Tailor Fuels & Fluids

July 2021

Thunder Creek Equipment has launched the all new MTO service, fuel and lube trailer, which features unrivaled flexibility for handling up to five different fluid types, including fresh oil, grease, reclaim, diesel exhaust fluid and diesel fuel.

The MTO was designed from the ground-up to be Thunder Creek’s most flexible, most practical and most economical solution for the construction industry, coming in at a fraction of the cost of a lube truck. The MTO is engineered to be a scalable solution for contractors of all sizes. Each MTO can be tailored with the exact fluid configuration needed by each customer between 115-, 55- and 25-gallon capacities. Overall, the MTO is available in three sizes, 460-, 690- and 920-gallons.

“We challenged our engineering team to completely rethink the way we support customers across the construction industry, and they delivered in a major way with the MTO,” said Loren Van Wyk, founder and co-owner of Thunder Creek Equipment. “We’ve taken our multi-tank platform from a fueling solution that can do a bit of service, to a complete multi-tool that can do whatever you need it to do – from fueling to mobile oil changes to lubrication and other routine maintenance.”

Fully Configurable

Thunder Creek worked extensively with construction industry partners to design the MTO in a way that can be highly flexible, but also economical to the end user. The engineering of the MTO is completely modular, giving customers complete control over the type and amounts of fluids that they need to keep their operation running at full efficiency.

The All New Utility Box

One of the biggest design highlights of the MTO is the new Utility Box at the rear of the trailer. The new Thunder Creek Utility Box is four inches deeper and two inches taller than its predecessor. This additional volume allows for more features to be added than ever before.

The new Utility Box can now support the Thunder Creek Compressor/Generator combo unit, two fresh oil lines mounted on a double reel, a used oil reclaim system, as well as a grease system equipped on a unique swivel reel to maximize space and utility.

All lines, nozzles and air valves are color-coded throughout the Utility Box to help users identify the status and pressure of each individual fluid type, and to cut down on training and confusion.

More Options, More Flexibility

In addition to the diesel and DEF-handling that Thunder Creek has built a reputation for over the last decade, the MTO also delivers best-in-class oil, grease, antifreeze and service fluid management.

With dozens of different MTO configurations available, users gain the ability to service their equipment as well as haul fuel and DEF to the job site, all on Thunder Creek’s rugged, industry-leading multi-tank platform.

The all new MTO was launched exclusively at ConExpo 2020.