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A Brand New Way to Haul Diesel Without a HAZMAT

We have unveiled our latest platform for transporting bulk diesel, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen from Thunder Creek.

The Multi-Tank Upfit is a 920-gallon system for medium-duty truck bodies. What’s most exciting about this set-up is that the driver that runs this truck up and down the road will not need a CDL or HAZMAT. The concept was born from our Multi-Tank Trailer, which made transporting bulk diesel without a CDL/HAZMAT a legal reality. The Multi-Tank Upfit is the natural evolution of this concept.

Beginning with a customer-provided Ford F-550 chassis, the upfit incorporates 920 gallons of diesel capacity in eight 115-gallon tanks. The tanks are isolated with either a manual or automatic manifold to ensure the truck can be legally driven by anyone with a standard license.


Multi-Tank Truck Body

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