DEF Transport Tote

DEF Transport Tote

Portable solution for handling diesel exhaust fluid


Features & Options
The DEF Transport Tote is a portable solution for handling DEF that fits in the back of a truck bed. It combines a 50 gallon specialized poly tank and the 2-in-1 DEF Pumping System under a lockable, weather-sealed door. It's the only tote you will find that maintains a closed path for fluid transfers,
utilizes the standard, stainless steel Micro-Matic® coupler, and includes heating options for cooler environments. What owners like best is that everything is easily accessible from the driver side of the truck bed, freeing up the rest of the bed. Just grab the hose and go. MSRP $2,450
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    DEF Transport Tote

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Features and Options

  • Tank Features

    Pumping System


  • Digital Meter and Swivel

    Skid Base

    Heating Option

  • Tank 50 gallon specialized polyurethane tank
    L/W/H 44.3" / 26.15" / 25.9"
    Empty Weight 188 lbs.
    Full Weight 638 lbs.

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