Best practices in fluid handling and on site service for those who maintain off-road machinery.


03.10.20 | Multi-Tank Oil Trailer

Thunder Creek Equipment Launches the All New MTO, Allowing Contractors to Precisely Tailor Fuel & Fluid Handling Capabilities

Thunder Creek Equipment has launched the all new MTO service, fuel and lube trailer, which features unrivaled flexibility for handling up to five different fluid types, including fresh oil, grease, reclaim, diesel exhaust fluid and diesel fuel.

03.10.20 | Multi-Tank Upfit

Thunder Creek Expands Multi-Tank Upfit to Dodge RAM Chassis, Now Available with Heated Diesel Exhaust Fluid System

Thunder Creek Equipment, in response to extensive positive feedback on its Multi-Tank Upfit Platform, has re-launched the product on a Dodge RAM chassis, while also adding an optional heated Diesel Exhaust Fluid handling system to meet the needs of customers in colder climates.

03.10.20 | Service & Lube Trailer

Redesigned Service & Lube Trailer Adds More Functionality for Comprehensive Maintenance of Heavy Equipment Fleets

Thunder Creek Equipment has completely redesigned its most comprehensive field maintenance solution for heavy equipment dealers – The Service and Lube Trailer (SLT). Thunder Creek SLT trailers are a customized solution for heavy equipment fleets needing a platform that costs considerably less to own and operate than a comparably equipped lube truck.

06.21.19 | Todd Rau

Thunder Creek Equipment Adds Todd Rau to National Sales Team, Supporting Dealers and Customers in Upper Midwest

Thunder Creek Equipment has added Todd Rau to the company’s sales team as a Territory Sales Manager (TSM) covering Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota and eastern Montana.

4.16.19 | Premier Dealer Network

Thunder Creek Equipment Launches Premier Dealer Network to Better Support Growing Ag Sector Fuel Transportation Demand

Thunder Creek Equipment, the leading manufacturer of fuel, service and maintenance trailers for farming operations, has announced the launch of its 2019 Premier Dealer Network. The national network features 13 high-performing dealerships, out of more than 125 total Thunder Creek dealers, from across the United States that are the first to be included in the exclusive program.

2.12.19 | Multi-Tank Trailers

Design Updates to Thunder Creek's Multi-Tank Trailers Automates Manifold System; Now Even More Robust

Thunder Creek has made a series of detailed improvements to its Multi-Tank Trailer (MTT) fuel and service platform that allows users to legally haul up to 920 gallons of diesel without a CDL or HAZMAT endorsement [Title 49 (CFR49)]. The MTT updates are highlighted by a new electric manifold that automatically shuts off tank valves after fueling to ensure legal transportation and provide protection against users accidentally leaving a valve open, which could subject them to moving violations.

2.12.19 | FST Series Trailers

Design Improvements to Thunder Creek's 2019 FST Trailers Adds New Options and Durability to Cabinet and Fluid Systems

Thunder Creek has made a series of improvements to its Fuel and Service (FST) Series Trailers, which haul 500-, 750- or 990-gallons of diesel, and feature an optional 100-gallon Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank and customizable rear utility box.

09.12.18 | Multi-Tank Truck Upfit

Thunder Creek Expands Multi-Tank Diesel Hauling Platform to Medium-Duty Truck Bodies with “Multi-Tank Upfit”

Thunder Creek Equipment has expanded its multi-tank platform of diesel fuel hauling solutions to include a new medium-duty truck body — the Multi-Tank Upfit — that can haul bulk diesel on the road without requiring a CDL or HAZMAT endorsement (Title 49 (CFR49) – local regulations may apply).

02.15.18 | Yancey Bros. Co.

Yancey Bros. Co. to sell full line of Thunder Creek Equipment Construction Products

Yancey Bros. Co. and Thunder Creek Equipment have reached an agreement that will make the heavy equipment dealer an official provider of Thunder Creek’s products throughout Georgia. Yancey Bros. Co. will sell and service the full line of Thunder Creek fuel, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and service products, including its line of Multi-Tank Trailers (MTT) and Service and Lube Trailers (SLT).

01.15.18 | AgriVision Solutions

AgriVision Solutions Takes on Thunder Creek Equipment Fuel & Service Trailer (FST) Line in Missouri

AgriVision Solutions has signed on with Thunder Creek Equipment to carry the company’s line of Fuel & Service Trailers (FST) at its Salisbury, Missouri operation. AgriVision is an independent agronomy consulting business specializing in Missouri row crops.

03.07.17 | Diesel/DEF Combo Tank

Industry’s First Combo Diesel/DEF Transfer Tank for Pickup Trucks

Thunder Creek Equipment introduces the industry’s first combination diesel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) transfer tank for pickup trucks. This exclusive combo tank provides 100 gallons of diesel and 18 gallons of DEF capacity that fits seamlessly into the bed of pickup trucks (half-ton and larger – including goosenecks and fifth wheels) with both pumping systems concealed within its structure – no elements protrude from the tank. The sleek design ensures excellent rear visibility by taking up no more than half of the rear window.

03.07.17 | DEF Saddle Tank

Thunder Creek Equipment Introduces New DEF Saddle Tank for Truck Chassis

Introducing the all-new DEF Saddle Tank—an industrial-grade, ISO-compliant portable DEF system designed to be mounted to the frame rails of a truck chassis. Available in both 60- and 120-gallon capacities, the stainless steel DEF tank features a lockable, weather-sealed enclosure, a 12V sending unit with gauge, a locking fill cap and a skid base for mounting to the frame rails of a truck.

09.29.15 | Multi-Tank Trailers

New MTT Trailers Provide Bulk Diesel Transport without CDL/HAZMAT Requirements

Thunder Creek Equipment‘s all-new Multi-Tank Trailers (MTT) are the first fuel and service trailers designed to legally transport bulk diesel on the road without requiring drivers to maintain a CDL or HAZMAT endorsement.

09.29.15 | Bulk DEF System

Thunder Creek Debuts New 1,200-gallon Bulk DEF Tank for Retail and Fleet Applications.

Thunder Creek Equipment introduces its all-new 1,200-gallon bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank, a turnkey system designed for use in both retail and large fleet operations, including on-road trucking and off-road construction.

08.15.15 | Proper DEF Handling Practices

The New Reality of Handling DEF

Over the past few years, refilling with Diesel Exhaust Fluid has become a part of regular maintenance on equipment that is 75hp and above. Depending on what machines you run, you may need to refill DEF as frequently as every time you fuel. The challenge is that DEF is different than most fluids we’re used to handling around the farm. Here’s what you need to know.

06.01.15 | FST Series Trailers

Thunder Creek Launches FST Trailers for Fuel and DEF Delivery and Field Service

Thunder Creek Equipment introduces new FST Series Trailers available in 500-, 750- and 990-gallon diesel capacities with a host of field installable options like a 100-gallon DEF delivery system and rear utility box.

04.01.14 | Service & Lube Trailer

New Trailer for In-Field Service Priced Significantly Lower Than Lube Trucks

Thunder Creek Equipment, a leading manufacturer of fuel and service trailers, has expanded their product line with the introduction of a new trailer designed specifically for in-field equipment service.

03.15.14 | Double Wall Trailer

Containment Solutions with Double Wall Fuel and Service Trailer

Thunder Creek Equipment, a leading manufacturer of fuel and service trailers, has developed a double wall fuel tank and trailer combination that is compliant with the EPA’s SPCC Program as well as DOT406 and Transport Canada regulations.

02.01.14 | DEF Transport Tote

Portable DEF Delivery Solution from Thunder Creek

2014 introduces the final Tier 4 emission standards. The solutions from all manufacturers of high horsepower diesel engines will include the use of Diesel Exhaust Fluid. With that comes challenges, notably the need for a clean and convenient way to get DEF to machinery in off-road applications.


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