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Second To None

“This trailer is a need, not a want.”

“I wasted so much time before I had this trailer. I did the math and it’s saved me enough hours to give me a whole extra day in the field.”

“Before this I was using a tank in the back of a truck, this definitely works better.”

We hear comments like these from Thunder Creek owners everyday. Apparently, not just customers are paying attention. Over the last few months, we’ve noticed a few companies introducing trailers [that look remarkably familiar] into the fuel and service trailer market.

Thunder Creek is the original innovator of “square-by-design” fuel and service trailers. If you think you it’s as simple as slapping a square tank on a trailer, you’re wrong.

Our trailers are expertly designed, meticulously crafted, fully tested and properly balanced by ASME certified welders and engineers. They meet all regulations for transporting fuels in the United States and Canada, and have been approved – in person – by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

We are the only ones on the road today that tow smoothly at highway speeds, handle DEF without contamination and withstand rugged off-road conditions. We lead the industry with a line-up of standard features and available options that is second to none.Click the image above or open this PDF.

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