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What's your payback on a Thunder Creek trailer?

As the old saying goes - time is money. Calculating the value that a Thunder Creek fuel and service trailer would bring to your operation is best done by determining the amount of time it could save you. Enter the information as it pertains to your operation in this calculator to see how much time you can save.

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Case Study: Saving A Day

This past fall, we worked with an operation who replaced their old, homemade fuel trailer with a Thunder Creek trailer. See their savings by clicking the graphic, open the PDF, or just keep reading.

Using one combine and two tractors, they consumed about 400 gallons of fuel each day. They worked six days a week and harvest lasted for four weeks.

Before purchasing their Thunder Creek trailer, they had a homemade fuel trailer with a round tank. At best, the maximum speed it could travel was 30 mph. The Thunder Creek trailer could travel smoothly at 55 mph. On average, they traveled 15 miles a day. Over the course of harvest, being able to travel at highway speeds saved them a total of five hours and 30 minutes.

Fueling with the old trailer was a timely process too; the pump delivered diesel at a rate of only 10 GPM. Their Thunder Creek trailer was outfitted with a 40 GPM gas powered diesel fuel pump. This saved 30 minutes each day, which added up to 12 hours during harvest time.

Combined, traveling faster and fueling faster with the Thunder Creek trailer saved this operation a total of 17 hours and 30 minutes during harvest.

They saved even more when you consider the amount of downtime that was reduced or avoided because their trailer was equipped with service-minded options like Thunder Creek's DEF Delivery System and the 3-in-1 welder / compressor / generator installed in the rear utility box.

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