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Fire & Rescue Department Brings On Service & Lube Trailer

When Castle Rock Fire & Rescue’s preventative maintenance provider could no longer support their needs, they turned to Thunder Creek and found a unique and affordable way to service their emergency response fleet.

Their Service & Lube Trailer (pictured above) meets two needs:

Preventative Maintenance

They use the trailer as a shop-on-wheels. Literally. When away from the shop, they have access to diesel, DEF, fresh fluids and reclaim systems. The pneumatic pumps are powered by an onboard air compressor.

When they are back in their home shop, they continue to work out of the trailer utilizing a pigtail air line in the front hitch to connect to their larger, on-site air compressor. The trailer has enabled them to avoid the significant investment in stationary service equipment and infrastructure that they otherwise would have incurred when internalizing their PM work.

In addition, they see a potential opportunity to contract PM work for neighboring departments.

Service During Emergency Response

The typical fire truck can operate several hours before requiring more fuel and diesel exhaust fluid. With the Service & Lube Trailer, a Fire & Rescue Department can deliver the necessary fluids without ceasing their response to emergency situations.


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