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An Extreme (and Violent) Display of Quality

The crash of a stolen mini van near your farm during soybean harvest would be enough of a tale for one day — but that’s not where Mark Lehenbauer’s day would end. The driver of the van, alleged to have been under the influence, then chose Lehenbauer’s truck connected to a Thunder Creek FST990 fuel trailer as their getaway vehicle.

The driver proceeded to use the truck and trailer as if it was a pinball.

“I will say that after your trailer hit two bridges, took out multiple mailboxes and was power slid around two corners, it still held the 700-plus gallons that was contained in it without breaking,” says Lehenbauer, of Hannibal, Missouri.

Photos provided by Mark Lehenbauer.

With all that force and impact, the trailer eventually detached from the truck, rolling over and coming to a rest in a nearby field.

The trailer held both its diesel and its DEF still fully intact.

“The only place that it was leaking was out the breather in center of the trailer,” says Lehenbauer. “The most amazing thing was that the tow company flipped the trailer over, and the fuel company came to retrieve fuel, and the pump still ran. We pumped all the fuel out of it and into a transport truck. DEF was also still contained in the tank, but was unable to pump as the battery was lost in one of bridge impacts.”

The loss of the trailer created some inefficiencies for the farm as they closed out their harvest in 2018, but the violent collisions and rollover were indicative of the craftsmanship that goes into every Thunder Creek trailer.

“Our operation is at a loss because of this accident, but this has made me a believer in your product,” concluded Lehenbauer.

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