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Thunder Creek's standard fuel trailers allow you to safely and legally transport fuel from field to field.

Available in 500, 750 and 990 gallon capacities, the tanks are double seam welded and have multiple fuel surge baffles. The front toolbox protects the pumping system and battery. The trailer is built on the same rugged foundation as all Thunder Creek trailers: heavy-duty torsion axles with electric brakes, 16" 10-ply tires and a custom built chassis to withstand off-road use.

The most popular upgrades to these trailers include a 40 GPM gas powered pump, 50' auto-retracting hose reel, aluminum wheels as well as DEF Delivery Solutions on the 500, 750 and 990 gallon models.

  • Signature Package
  • Pro Package
  • Utility Package
  • Signature Package

    Signature Package

    • 40 GPM Gas Powered Pump
    • 100 Gallon DEF Tank, Pump and 35’ Reel
    • Aluminum Wheels
    • Field Max Tires
    • Solar Battery Charger
    • Bolt-on Plate To Accommodate Heater Option
  • Pro Package

    Pro Package

    • Work Sight Light Tower
    • 30 Gallon Auxiliary Oil Tank and 3 GPM Pump
    • Five Drawer Tool Chest for Front Enclosure
    • Electric / Hydraulic Jack
    • Stainless Steel Fender + Trim Upgrade
  • Utility Package

    Utility Package

    • Rear Utility Box
    • Five Drawer Tool Chest for Utility Box
    • Can+Towel Holder

  • FST Callouts

fuel tankThunder Creek trailers feature a double seam welded tank with up to five baffles constructed of either 7 gauge (750 and 990 models) or 10 gauge (500 models) steel. There is a locking, vented fuel cap, free flowing tank vent, fuel level gauge. The fuel feeds from a 6" drop sump with 1/2" drain plug. 
trailerAll Standard, Utility Box and Service Special trailers have a front toolbox with lockable, weather-sealed doors and LED lighting that is activated with a door switch.  The trailers are built on a 6" formed chassis. They ride on torsion axles with EZ Lube hubs and feature electric brakes on both axles and a breakaway safety system. The standard tires are 16" 10-ply tires with gray powder coated steel wheels. The 500 gallon model has a 5,000 lb. jack; the 750 and 990 gallon models have a 8,000 lb. jack.  All are equipped with safety tow chains, an adjustable 2 5/16" ball hitch, and conduit wrapped wiring.
pumping systemThe standard pumping system includes a 25 GPM industrial grade 12V pump, 35' auto-retracting hose reel with 1" diameter hose, a 25 Micron fuel filter, 12' power cables and a deep cycle marine battery. (Battery can be charged off of truck connection or with optional Solar Charging Panel.)
finishThe standard paint on is a dual coat of gray polyurethane with the option to upgrade to a single custom paint color. The trailers are finished with diamond plate rock guard on the front toolbox and fenders, chrome door handles, LED side and rear lights, conspicuity tape, and DOT safety placards.
40 gpm gas pumpOne of the most popular options! This electric start gas powered pump allows for a flow rate of up to 40 GPM drastically reducing the time spent refueling in the field.
50 foot auto retracting hose reelThe standard 35' auto-retracting hose reel can be replaced with a 50' version with 1" diameter hose mounted on a spring-loaded, auto-retracting reel.  Note: due to space limitations in the front toolbox, this option cannot be used in conjunction with the 25' auto-retracting DEF hose reel.

Aluminum Wheels

auxiliary oil tanksDual oil tanks can be mounted above the front toolbox. The tanks have either a 30 gallon capacity (bumper hitch trailers) or 50 gallon capacity (gooseneck trailers). Oil is pumped through two 12V pumps located inside the front toolbox. This option is available on all 750 and 990 gallon trailers.
battery kitFor use with the 12V pumping system, the battery kit provides an alternative means of power. Installed in an enclosed battery case inside the front toolbox, the deep cycle marine battery is hard wired to trickle charge off the trailer connection. Even with the battery kit installed, it is still possible to connect the electric pump directly to an alternate source of power.
custom paint colorThe standard gray paint can be upgraded to any of the following single custom colors: Black, Tractor Blue, Tractor Green, Tractor Red, Tractor Yellow, Construction Yellow and White. Please note: Double Wall and Service & Lube Trailers all feature a black frame.

Electric / Hydraulic Jack

field max tire kitHigh flotation tires are available with the Field Max Tire Kit. These tires are a 16", 10-ply, 285 series tire rated for 3700 lbs. Available on both dual and triple axle trailers.
fuel filter upgradeThe 25 Micron fuel filter can be upgrade to a 10 Micron fuel filter.
fuel meter and swivelBoth the 12V and gas powered fuel pumping systems can be enhanced with fuel pump meters mounted with a swivel in line with the fuel nozzle. The battery powered electronic display is calibrated to read in gallons and liters with two totals: one that can be reset and one that is cumulative.
safety kitThe Safety Kit consists of a fire extinguisher and spill clean-up kit stored on the top shelf inside the front toolbox.  This option is available on all 750 and 990 gallon trailers. 
spare tireAn additional 16" 10-ply tire with a powder-coated wheel can be mounted in a protective cover above the fuel tank.
tool caddy for front toolboxThe tool caddy holds an assortment of oil containers, aerosol cans and small tools in one convenient location. It is mounted to the hinges on the inside of the passenger side door and can be retrofitted on existing trailers.
work light kitTwo exterior halogen flood lights with a magnetic base provide exterior lighting when servicing equipment.  Lights connect to two 12V power outlets in the front toolbox. 
def delivery systemThree options are available for adding a Diesel Exhaust Fluid delivery system to your 750 or 990 gallon Thunder Creek trailer.  A 100 gallon or 330 gallon tank mounted between the front toolbox and the fuel tank (330 gallon tank is a special order item) or a 60 gallon tank mounted above the front toolbox, which is a retrofit option.
Thunder Creek's patent-pending 2-in-1 DEF pumping system is the only DEF pump you'll need.  It allows you to fill your trailer from your DEF tote or shuttle using a MicroMatic coupler, then switch valve and nozzle and dispense DEF to your Tier 4 equipment.
Because DEF is easily contaminated, which can lead to malfunction in your equipment's SCR system, every Thunder Creek DEF system meets ISO 22241 standards.  Learn more about DEF Solutions from Thunder Creek. 
25 foot auto retracting def hose reelThe DEF pumping system can be enhanced with a 25' auto-retracting hose reel. Specifically designed for use with diesel exhaust fluid, it features stainless steel components and EPDM seals. Available on Standard, Utility Box, Service Special, Split Tank, Double Wall, and Service & Lube Trailers. Not available on the 500 Gallon Standard Fuel Trailer. Cannot be used in conjunction with a 50' auto-retracting fuel hose reel on Standard, Utility Box and Service Special Trailers.
110v def heaterA heater option is recommended for DEF delivery systems that will be exposed to prolonged temperatures below 12˚F (-11˚F). Choose one 110V heater for the 100 gallon system or two 110V heaters for the 330 gallon system. Available on Standard, Utility Box, Service Special, Split Tank, Double Wall, and Service & Lube Trailers.
DEF meter and swivelAny DEF system can be enhanced with a flow meter mounted in line with the nozzle. The DEF approved digital meter provides per fill and cumulative totals. Available on the DEF Transport Tote as well as Standard, Utility Box, Service Special, Bulk DEF, Split Tank, Double Wall, and Service & Lube Trailers.

WorkSight Light Tower

worksight light towerKeep your trailer’s battery charged up with the Solar Charging Panel option. System includes a 30 watt photovoltaic solar panel mounted to the top of the trailer. Controller included.

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