Diesel DEF Combo Tank

Diesel/DEF Combo Tank

An industry first universal transfer tank for diesel and DEF


Features & Options
Everything you need to handle diesel and DEF is consolidated in this sleek toolbox. It includes a 100 gallon diesel fuel tank, 18 gallon DEF tank and pumps for both systems. A heating option is available.
It's designed to fit between the cab and wheel wells and leave enough room for gooseneck and fifth wheel hitches. It houses everything from the fill port to the dispensing nozzle so nothing protrudes from the structure.
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Features and Options

  • Fuel System

    DEF System

    Pump Enclosure

  • 2-in-1 DEF Pumping System Upgrade

    Diamond Plate Aluminum Cover

    DEF Heating System

  • Capacity 100 gallons diesel, 18 gallons DEF
    Diesel Tank 14 gauge steel with fuel surge baffle
    DEF Tank Specialized polyurethane
    L/W/H 70.5" / 22" / 28"
    Empty Weight 320 lbs.
    Full Weight 1,300 lbs.

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