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New Pump Option Improves Autonomy, Fueling Speed

A gas-powered pump is now available as an option on all Multi-Tank Trailers. This provides faster fueling – 30 GPM – within the No HAZMAT model platform. It’s ideal for operations who desire to operate independent from an electric power source.

Mobile DEF Tote: Because Downtime Is Never An Option

Is your operation ready to handle DEF this planting season? Delivering DEF in the field can be challenging, unless you have Thunder Creek’s DEF Transport Tote in your truck bed.

The Right DEF System for You

Thunder Creek Equipment has the widest selection of DEF Delivery Solutions to ensure diesel exhaust fluid reaches your off-road machinery free from contamination. Explore the optionsbelow to determine which solution is right for you:

Light Up The Night

You're up long before the sun. When it sets, the work goes on.

The new WorkSight Light Tower illuminates up to 75' of work area, which makes fixing a piece of equipment or refueling in the dark much easier.

Second To None

“This trailer is a need, not a want.”

“I wasted so much time before I had this trailer. I did the math and it’s saved me enough hours to give me a whole extra day in the field.”