Take Control of Jobsite Fueling Costs

It’s no secret that it’s most cost-effective to buy off-road diesel in bulk. But for many contractors the logistics of coordinating an ever-ready bulk fuel supply simply isn’t feasible. They instead find themselves compromising their bottom line in one or more ways:
  • Buying on-road diesel and paying federal and state taxes.
  • Hiring a mobile fueling service and paying a premium on every gallon delivered.
  • Running between job sites filling machines 100 gallons at a time.
  • Owning and maintaining a bulk fuel truck that requires a HAZMAT.

A contractor that burns at least 300 gallons of diesel a week and pays 25¢ per gallon or more in premiums or taxes could get a Multi-Tank Trailer with zero cost of ownership.

The amount saved buying fuel in bulk will more than offset the monthly financing cost of the only bulk fuel trailer that doesn’t require the driver to carry a HAZMAT endorsement. If you burn more than 300 gallons a week, these trailers can start lowering your total bottom line immediately.
Monthly Savings

Monthly Savings

How the "No HAZMAT" fuel trailer impacts the bottom line.


Visit ThunderCreek.com/zero to see calculate the cost of ownership specific to your business.

How much fuel is used each week?

This is usually measured in any number of ways – logbooks, telematics, etc. – but it starts with a simple understanding of the total number of machines active in the field and how much diesel you consume each week.

Where do savings come in?

The price at the pump for on-road diesel includes taxes. The federal government adds 24.4¢ per gallon. The average state tax is another 27.94¢ per gallon. That’s 52.34¢ added to each gallon. For a contractor burning through 300 gallons each week, switching from on-road to off-road diesel would save $628.08 each month. Contractors who track and report on-road diesel use for the sake of receiving a tax refund at the end of the year can eliminate that effort and hassle entirely.
Known by many names (wet-hosing, on-site fueling, fleet fueling), a premium is involved anytime a third-party fuel truck directly fuels machines, usually as a cost-per-gallon increase. There are variable levels of transparency when it comes to fuel supplier pricing. Our research indicates the premium added for mobile fueling could range anywhere from 10¢ to well over $1.00 per gallon.
How much time does your crew spend each day driving between the site and the shop or a local gas station to refill a nurse tank? How much time does that employee spend on other activities during the fuel run? Having a dedicated resource onsite with more than enough capacity to fill numerous pieces of equipment in a day saves time, as well as the wear and tear on that pickup truck. And that employee can be allocated to more productive efforts on site.
Contractors who own their own fuel trucks have to deal with the ownership costs and upkeep of that truck, as well as hire drivers with HAZMAT endorsements at a premium. It’s an additional engine to fuel and maintain, whereas a Thunder Creek Multi-Tank Trailer can be pulled by most trucks already driving to a jobsite.
Additional Impacts

Additional Impacts

No HAZMAT, Productivity, Quality, DEF... trailer owners share the added value they appreciate every day.

Calculate The Bottom Line Impact

A few minutes research into your operation could provide the numbers required:
  • gallons of diesel burned each week
  • premiums currently paid per gallon
Once you have those numbers, head over to ThunderCreek.com/zero to calculate the bottom line impact specific to your business.