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Q1 2018 SPECIAL:

Free Electric/Hydraulic Jack

$970 Value

OR $900 Cash Rebate

An affordable alternative to a lube truck. Each trailer is customized with up to eight tanks for oil, reclaimed oil, antifreeze, and diesel. You can also opt for a DEF system, grease system and a variety of job-ready tools.
New Service & Lube Trailers (model SLT440) purchased between 1/1/2018 and 3/31/2018 are eligible for the rebate.

How To Build

+ How would you like the primary tanks configured?

Choose 25-, 55- and 110- gallon tanks for oils, used oil, coolants and diesel with a combined capacity of 440 gallons. Multiple tanks can be connected with a limit of eight pumping systems.

+ Would you like DEF or Grease Systems?

You can also add 100 gallon DEF system in the front enclosure or a grease systems in the pump enclosure. These optional systems do not count toward the 440 gallon / 8 pump maximums.

+ Which Power System?

Choose either an Air Compressor, Compressor / Generator or our 3-in-1 Welder / Compressor / Generator in the rear utility box to provide pneumatic power for the pumps. You can also opt to self-supply power.

+ What Type of Nozzles?

A variety of nozzles are available including metered analog and digital.

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