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Blue Eagle Turns To Thunder Creek MTT's To Fuel Growth

By Cole Walker, territory sales manager, Thunder Creek Equipment

Blue Eagle Oilfield Services fuels industrial pumps that move water from holding ponds to other water storage pits for fracking operations and energy production operations in the Permian Basin of Texas. Each location is spread out across the region, making fuel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) distribution challenging and time consuming.

“[Our client] lets us know which pumps are running and we have routes that we would run day and night to make sure everything is filled up,” said Jaylan Holland of Blue Eagle. “We hit them every 12 hours so that the pumps don’t run out of fuel.”

Blue Eagle’s client previously relied on its own staff to fill the pumps, armed with simple 100+ gallon fuel tanks in the back of their trucks — completing these refueling tasks in addition to their normal day jobs. This required many time-consuming trips back to bulk fuel sources, and countless hours spent each day fueling. The company eventually realized there was an opportunity to streamline its fueling operations by contracting those services out to a third party.

Blue Eagle filled that role, and achieved considerable savings for the company thanks to the 920-gallon Multi-Tank fuel trailer (MTT) from Thunder Creek Equipment. The company now hauls an average of 3,000 gallons of fuel each day to its client’s pumps to ensure optimal uptime and efficiency. It’s also led to considerable savings on a per-gallon basis by saving time, as well as wear-and-tear on other vehicles.

“Our service allows them to go manage their operations better, and they don’t even have to think about fuel,” Holland said. “We actually save them almost 40 cents a gallon.”


Another feature of the MTT that has allowed Blue Eagle greater flexibility in how it services its clients (and finds employees) is the fact that the trailer can be hauled without requiring its driver to have a HAZMAT endorsement. This is accomplished by separating the diesel out into eight separate 115-gallon tanks that are only connected when a common manifold at the front of the trailer is open.

“With the compartments allowing to cut it off, it allows us to not have HAZMAT and to be able to employ more people and not go through all that stuff — it really saves us that way,” says Holland.

Blue Eagle further streamlined its fueling and service operations for its client in two additional ways: the addition of a 25 gallon-per-minute gas engine fuel pump that completes fueling stops much faster, as well as a 100-gallon, two-in-one closed DEF system that both fills and dispenses DEF without exposing it to airborne contaminants — a major hazard to emissions systems.

“We got that turned up and we really started pumping some fuel,” said Holland. “It really makes life easier. Now it takes longer to drive out to the site than it does to pump the actual fuel.”

The addition of the DEF system has eliminated the need to lug individual, five-gallon totes to-and-from the yard to the pump sites. They also upgraded to a 20 gallon-per-minute pump on the DEF system to further increase efficiencies.

“It's allowed us to top them off every time we go by them instead of just waiting until they're low, and then just making four or five trips trying to fill them up,” says Holland. “It's helped out a tremendous amount.”


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