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Using diesel exhaust fluid in off-road environments comes with unique challenges. Explore these articles for tips on maintaining purity, protecting machinery and controlling downtime.

Diesel/DEF Combo Transfer Tank Wins Top 50 Award

Our Diesel/DEF Combo Transfer Tank has been selected as one of the 2018 Contractor's Top 50 New Products. Construction equipment owners and end users decide the winners in this annual award program, hosted by Equipment Today and

Fire & Rescue Department Brings On Service & Lube Trailer

When Castle Rock Fire & Rescue’s preventative maintenance provider could no longer support their needs, they turned to Thunder Creek and found a unique and affordable way to service their emergency response fleet.

Diesel/DEF Combo Tank [Infographic]

This transfer tank is unlike any other you may have seen before. Check out what makes this truck bed fluid solution so different.

What DEF Isn't... (Part 2)

DEF is not… blue.

Many companies that manufacture DEF or DEF handling equipment use the medium-blue color to distinguish their products for use with DEF, but the fluid itself is clear.

What DEF Is... (Part 1)

DEF is… a precise blend.

It’s 32.5% highly pure, automotive grade urea and 67.5% de-ionized water. The ISO 22241 Standard defines the clear-cut manufacturing process of DEF, along with proper handling and storing practices.

More Than Diesel

Last month, we traveled to the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville where we talked to owners of Thunder Creek trailers and DEF totes. We asked how it was making an impact for their operations.

How to Winterize a DEF System

DEF freezes at 12°F (-11°C). When it freezes, it expands by approximately 7%. This can cause damage to your Thunder Creek DEF tank and pumping system. Here's the steps to winterize the DEF system on your Thunder Creek fuel and service trailer.

Mobile DEF Tote: Because Downtime Is Never An Option

Is your operation ready to handle DEF this planting season? Delivering DEF in the field can be challenging, unless you have Thunder Creek’s DEF Transport Tote in your truck bed.

Don't Let DEF Freeze!

Getting your Thunder Creek trailer or DEF tote ready for winter is easy. DEF freezes at 12° F (-11° C). If that occurs, you risk rupturing the DEF tank and damaging the hose and coupler as well.

Two Days

When Brian, who farms in Central Illinois, began using his Thunder Creek trailer earlier this year, he was impressed with how efficient his planting season went.

The Right DEF System for You

Thunder Creek Equipment has the widest selection of DEF Delivery Solutions to ensure diesel exhaust fluid reaches your off-road machinery free from contamination. Explore the optionsbelow to determine which solution is right for you:

Handling Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Now that the EPA’s final tier of emissions standards for diesel engines has come into effect, handling diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is a reality in the daily maintenance of off-road machinery. Click the sections on the right for all the information you need to know.

2-in-1 DEF Pump In Action

Starting in 2014, every manufacturer of diesel engines in the 74-750 hp category will be using a technology called Selective Catalytic Reduction as part of their strategy to meet the final emissions standards set forth by the EPA. This technology uses a fluid called diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

What's your payback on a Thunder Creek trailer?

As the old saying goes - time is money. Calculating the value that a Thunder Creek fuel and service trailer would bring to your operation is best done by determining the amount of time it could save you. Enter the information as it pertains to your operation in this calculator to see how much time you can save.

DEF and the ISO 22241 Standard

Thunder Creek Equipment’s DEF delivery solutions meet the ISO 22241 standard for transporting and storing diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).  They are designed and constructed in a way to protect the integrity of both the fluid and the machinery’s SCR system.