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Did you know that trailers start less than the price of an ATV?

Let’s face it - nothing is free. Time is valuable and you pay for every minute your equipment is not running. Whether it’s getting from field to field faster or cutting back on the time it takes to perform service in the field, Thunder Creek’s innovative line of fuel and service trailers are designed to help you keep your operation moving.

Best of all, our trailers start at only $5,590. That’s less than the cost of many ATV’s.

Pound for pound, a fuel and service trailer is likely to see much more field use than other efficiency equipment. Owners find value year-round, as opposed to seasonal equipment like your seed tender or high speed head-cart. So the trailers cost less and give more back.

At Thunder Creek Equipment we manufacturer a variety of trailers and options to accommodate many field maintenance needs. Invest in a progressive piece of equipment that will save your time, your money, and make your operation more efficient.

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