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Real Value When Margins Are Tight

We just returned from the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville where we met hundreds of people who own Thunder Creek trailers. Once again, I'm amazed by their comments of how it brings real value to their operation.

  • Agriculture

    Be more efficient with solutions for diesel, diesel exhaust fluid and field service.
  • Construction

    Ensure optimal equipment operation with all-in-one jobsite service solutions.

Over and over we heard of how the trailers help them get more done:

"This was the best small equipment investment I've made for our operation. Time is money at harvest and planting."

Randy B. from Minnesota - Owns a 990 Gallon Standard Trailer

"It is really first class. You don't have to worry about it ever. Ever. We couldn't live without it. I call it my NASCAR pit stop. We farm over a 100 miles and when you travel you need it all. You can either have it all with you or you can be inefficient."

David and Lana J. from Illinois - Own a 990 Gallon Utility Box Trailer with DEF Delivery System

We asked them what they would say to someone considering adding a trailer to their operation:

"Definitely get one of these trailers, it cuts down your cost for driving back to the farm or having fuel delivered."

Nathan D. from Michigan - Owns a 990 Gallon Utility Box Trailer with DEF Delivery System

"We looked into building a trailer or buying a service truck and this was the best of both worlds. We are able to do better maintenance now that didn't get done when it wasn't as readily accessible."

John T. from Illinois - Owns a 750 Gallon Service Special Trailer with DEF Delivery System

"I strongly recommend Thunder Creek trailers. It improves the speed of our operation and saves us time."

Warren D. from Minnesota - Own a 990 Gallon Standard Trailer with DEF Delivery System

These are just a few of the thousands of people who own a Thunder Creek fuel and service trailer. Read what more of them have to say by visiting our testimonials page.

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