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Maintaining and protecting your off-road equipment.

Convenient. Compliant. Contaminant-Free.

Three things hold true with every fuel trailer and optional DEF delivery system that carries the Thunder Creek logo:


Diesel fuel, DEF, and service solutions in one "package."  Trailers are easy to tow at highway speeds and built for continual off-road use. Cut downtime by refilling with fuel and DEF simultaneously while having all the equipment you need to service your machinery in the field.


Thunder Creek trailers are designed and built with transportation regulations in mind. They meet all requirements for transporting diesel fuel on all roads in the U.S.


The materials and processes used to build Thunder Creek's DEF systems result in a clean, closed solution to maintain the purity of DEF and to protect the SCR system on high horsepower equipment. Handling DEF has never been easier with our 2-in-1 pumping system, allowing you to fill and dispense DEF using just one pump.

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