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8 Tips for an Efficient Harvest

We've rounded up some of the best advice and tools so you can maximize your time in the field this fall.

1. Bigger isn't necessarily better.

Traditionally, getting more done during harvest has meant investing in larger machinery to cover more acres in less time. A new concept is emerging that smaller equipment, outfitted with precision technology, can actually help you cover the same acres in the same amount of time.

Check out "Downsizing Iron & Getting More Efficient With Technology" by Jeff Caldwell on

2. Get in the field faster.

Just like a high speed head cart, a Thunder Creek Equipment fuel, DEF and service trailer means you waste less time traveling from field to field. See just how well they tow [even at highway speeds] in the Side-By-Side Test Drive.

3. Downtime - avoid it with proper pre-harvest maintenance.

The best way to spend less time maintaining machinery in the field is to avoid it all together. Taking time now to do proper pre-harvest maintenance on your machinery will mean less downtime when harvest rolls around.

Check with your dealer for their recommendations on maintenance, as well as these tips: "Combine Checkup: Steps to Ensure a Successful Harvest" compiled by Larry Stalcup with

4. Downtime - reduce it by having what you need in the field.

The less time you spend running back to the shop or dealership for fuel, tools and parts, the quicker you can get machinery on the move again.

Randy C. from Pennsylvania has a Standard Fuel Trailer with the popular 40 GPM pumping option. "It pumps so fast. It's amazing."

David and Lana J. from Illinois, who shared the photo above with us last spring, rely on their Utility Box Trailer to increase the efficiency of their farm. “We call it our NASCAR pit stop. When you travel, you need it all. We pull in the field, open the doors and everything is right there. You can either have it all with you or you can be inefficient.”

For the most extensive field service set-ups, check out the Service Special Trailers and the Thunder Creek Air N Arc® 190.

5. Make sure bins are ready to handle the crop.

Taking time pre-harvest to prepare your grain bins reduces the likelihood of trouble arising when you’d rather be in the field. Check out these "13 Grain Bin Checkup Tips from Jessie Scott at

6. Avoid delays due to contaminated diesel exhaust fluid.

We hear from farmers across the country, especially those running their first pieces of SCR-equipped machinery, who are having delays and costly repairs that have resulted from DEF contamination issues.

Kyle Harwood, who works in Inside Sales at Thunder Creek, recalls a recent conversation, “I talked with a custom harvester working with DEF for the first time. He was using a homemade solution to get it to his combine fleet. Before he completed his first job, all of his equipment shut down for repairs that were needed because the DEF had been contaminated.”

Learn more about maintaining the purity of DEF and find the right DEF system for your operation.

7. Light up the night.

Don’t wait for daylight to get start on repair work. Nearly every Thunder Creek trailer can be equipped with a WorkSight Light Tower. Four LED lights produce 5600 lumens, enough to light over 75’ of work area.

8. Slow down.

At first, that may sound counter-productive. But working efficiently does not translate to working at a frantically rushed paced. When you’re hurried, it’s easy to make simple mistakes with costly outcomes.

Check out Harvest Time: Haste Makes Waste by Curt Arens at Farm Progress.

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